Robin Chapple on contaminated water spills

Robin Chapple MLC is concerned at the government response to alleged contaminated water spills at Roebuck Plains.

Robin Chapple MLC

Robin Chapple MLC

He said the mines department will not give him any information about contaminated water leaks from lined dams at several of Buru Energy Limited’s Yulleroo wells.

“I’m absolutely astounded by the lack of transparency here,” he said.

“To the best of my knowledge, it’s the first time in history that environmental regulations have been commercial-in-confidence.

You can read his statement here:

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Fitzroy Valley: Jerry can blamed for chopper crash

An inquiry found an empty jerry can caused a low-flying chopper to crash while mustering cattle.

The pilot had stowed the jerry can on a passengers seat with a steering wheel, but wind dislodged it and blew it onto a steering control.

He was not injured.

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Aboriginal stations plan new co-op

Several Aboriginal cattle stations are planning to form a co-op with Chinese finance.

They plan to use their combined market power to obtain better prices, and to practice improved breeding and feed cropping techniques.

The Australian [read this story]

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People: Byron Malay

Polo player Byron Malay features in a story in today’s Australian.

Originally from Mistake Creek Station, he now works at Myroodah in between polo tournaments and training.

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Cane toad ‘buffer zone’ considered

Government and other agencies are considering establishing a “buffer zone” to stop cane toads entering the Pilbara.

It would depend on keeping toads away from water points in the arid country south of Broome.

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Legune Station: Gas exploration to start

A Queensland company is about to start gas exploration on an NT station near Kununurra.

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Fitzroy Crossing: Pilot survives chopper crash

A pilot crashed his helicopter into a cattle yard while mustering near Fitzroy Crossing.

His injuries were not life threatening.

The West Australian [read this story]

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‘Criminal’ contractor worries pastoralist

Pastoralist Jack Burton says he is concerned about reports of a company he contracted.

Jack Burton

Jack Burton

TLF, which supplied labour to Mr Burton’s Gin Gin abattoir in WA’s south, is under investigation for alleged organised crime.

Mr Burton said he is also seeking advice about the quality of steel the company supplied for his new abattoir at Kilto.

The West Australian [read this story]

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