Ashmore Reef: Researchers find no sea snakes

Sea snakes, once numerous at Ashmore Reef, appear to have disappeared entirely now.

A recent WA Museum survey found none at all.

However they found three species at the shoals closer to the mainland, which had never been surveyed for snakes before.

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Ashmore Reef: Seasnake numbers well down

Scientists surveying sea snakes at Ashmore Reef say some species have disappeared.

This occurred well before the Montara oil spill disaster of 2009.

A sea snake expert described it as one of the most marked declines of a large marine vertebrate ever recorded.

Science Network [read this story]

This story also appeared in The West Australian last Wednesday.

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More snakes in houses

Wildlife officers are reporting more callouts to remove snakes from houses.

Photo: Allen McCloud

Photo: Allen McCloud

An officer told the ABC the snakes are hunting mice and frogs as they prepare to hibernate over winter.

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Derby: Man ‘brings snake’ into Centrelink office

Police say a man dropped a snake onto a desk at Derby Centrelink office to scare staff.

The 26-year-old was believed to be annoyed with staff during a visit a short time beforehand.

He is due to face the Derby Magistrate today.

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Death adders cause permanent damage

New research shows death adder bites can cause permanent damage to the human nervous system.

Photo by Doug Beckers, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license

Photo by Doug Beckers, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license

Medical researchers say neurotoxic effects occur even when antivenom injections are given quickly.

Science Network [read this story]

You can read more about neurotoxicity if you click here.

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Bear Grylls ‘all scripted’

A survival expert who worked on Bear Grylls TV adventure series said his Kimberley stunts were carefully crafted.

He gave the example of Grylls apparently catching, killing and eating a snake.

“But it was actually two snakes:  a roadkill that I found which he (was shown beating) on the head and eating, and then a live olive python that a wildlife carer had been rehabilitating,” he said.

Herald Sun [read this story]

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Halls Creek: Fine for keeping snakes

Black-headed python - photo Wikimedia

Black-headed python - photo Wikimedia

A Halls Creek man copped an $800 fine for keeping three black-headed pythons without a license.

You can read a statement from the Department of Environment and Conservation here:

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Sunday, April 10th, 2011 Halls Creek, Police and courts 116 Comments

Smugglers taking Kimberley reptiles

Wildlife smugglers are illegally taking Kimberley reptiles for a black market pet trade in eastern Australia.

The Department of Environment and Conservation says the thieves can wipe out local populations of certain snakes and lizards.

Kimberley Echo [read this story]

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