Ord River

Kununurra: Safety warning for diversion dam

The Water Corporation is warning people to avoid the diversion dam’s restricted areas.

“The banks of the Ord River are particularly dangerous, with water being released from the gates creating turbulent and strong currents, which could cause serious injury or even death,” spokesman David Hawkins said.

“During recent months several large saltwater crocodiles have also been sighted near the rock bar, at the base of the dam wall.”

You can read his media release here:

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Saturday, January 26th, 2013 Government, Kununurra Comments Off

Ord River once flowed into the Keep

Scientists have discovered the Ord River once flowed into the Keep River.

The ancient river bed, which still connects the two rivers underground, is situated under what will be the new Goomig farmlands near Kununurra.

Science Network [read this story]

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Sunday, January 20th, 2013 Environment Comments Off

Kununurra: Sandalwood bucks the trend

Tropical Forestry Services says its sandalwood plantations in Kununurra, Katherine and Queensland show managed investment funds can work.

Managed investment funds use money provided by many small investors to buy or lease agricultural land and plant long-term crops, such as trees, attracting tax breaks.

Many have gone broke, but the sandalwood plantations seem to be doing their bit to supply a fast-growing Asian market.

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Toad Busters call for extra funds

Kimberley Toad Busters says this wet season will the the “most significant” for toad invasion.

A cane toad

A cane toad

Cane toads are said to be only 60km from the Ord River catchment area now.

The group is calling for an extra $200,000 funding for extra remote staff.

The Australian [read this story]

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Ord River: Molasses increases cattle weight

Scientists at the Ord River have been testing cattle diet supplements.

They have found molasses to be a reliable supplement for brahman cattle needing to gain weight.

Science Network [read this story]

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Sunday, August 19th, 2012 Kununurra Comments Off

Ivanhoe Crossing still closed

The Ord River crossing at Ivanhoe Station remains closed and will probably stay closed for some time.

Every wet season the crossing, downstream from Kununurra, is flooded by the waters of the Ord and Dunham rivers.

This makes the most convenient road from Wyndham to Kununurra impassable to cars, which have to take the longer route.

You can read a shire media release here:

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Sunday, April 29th, 2012 Government, Kununurra, Local Government, Wyndham Comments Off

Kununurra: New Ord irrigation study

The state government will make a $1million study into possibly irrigating an area called Cockatoo Sands.

If found to be feasible, the Ord irrigation scheme could then be expanded into the 6,000 hectare area.

ABC [read this story]

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Kununurra: Lake Kununurra to be stocked with barramundi

Kimberley TAFE has a goverment contract to stock Lake Kununurra with barramundi fingerlings.

Fish from the $700,000 project will be suitable for anglers to catch in 2 – 3 years’ time.

The West Australian [read this story]

You can read a statement from Fisheries minister Norman Moore here:

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Tuesday, February 28th, 2012 Government, Kununurra Comments Off
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