Kununurra: New gecko species

Photo by P Doughty WA Museum

Photo by P Doughty WA Museum

A species of gecko found near Kununurra is now considered to be a “new” species.

It is the Northern Beaked Gecko.

A scientist examining a specimen of the lizard last year noticed differences that were markedly different from other beaked geckos.

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Kununurra: Frill-necked lizard

Photo courtesy George Hanna

Photo courtesy George Hanna

This frill-necked lizard (blanket lizard) turned up at Waringarri Radio studios on Saturday.

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Smugglers taking Kimberley reptiles

Wildlife smugglers are illegally taking Kimberley reptiles for a black market pet trade in eastern Australia.

The Department of Environment and Conservation says the thieves can wipe out local populations of certain snakes and lizards.

Kimberley Echo [read this story]

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