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Fitzroy Crossing: Marra Worra Worra’s response

Marra Worra Worra corporation members called a meeting on Thursday to accuse the board of misconduct.

The board prepared a statement, about its dealings with the Kimberley Regional Service Providers (KRSP), that was read aloud to the gathering.

“These are the facts surroundings all the idle gossip that’s been floating around Facebook, etc,” a spokesman said.

“I noticed that Kimberley Page has run the original ABC piece, so here’s the actual official response from MWW to balance out the ledger.”

You can read the statement here:

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Marra Worra Worra: Bedford denies wrongdoing

Marra Worra Worra director Dickie Bedford said there had been no wrongdoing in paying $12million to another organisation.

Dickie Bedford

Dickie Bedford

The Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations (ORIC) is accusing Mr Bedford and chairman Patrick Green of authorising the payment to an organisation partly owned by MWW at a “purported directors meeting” without a quorum.

However Mr Bedford told the ABC it was a meeting of KRSP, the organisation receiving the payment, and not of MWW.

He said MWW later approved the payment at a directors’ meeting.

ABC [read this story]

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Fitzroy Valley: Communities have own ambulance

Five Aboriginal communities in the upper Fitzroy Valley now have their own ambulance.

WA Country Health Service donated the vehicle to Kurangal Council, which represents Gilly Sharpe, Kupartiya, Ngarantjadu, Ngumpan and Wangkatjungka communities.

They are all located about an hour’s drive from the nearest hospital at Fitzroy Crossing.

You can read a media release here:

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Fitzroy Valley: Floodwaters strand vehicles

Floodwaters have stranded two vehicles overnight, on Great Northern Highway  just east of the Fitzroy River.

A sedan with two women, and a truck, spent the night between Two Mile and Blue Bush crossings.

ABC [read this story]

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Noonkanbah: Two people stabbed

Looma Police say two people were stabbed with scissors in a domestic dispute at Noonkanbah on Tuesday.

ABC [read this story]

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Muludja: Bushfire watch and act

A bushfire is burning alongside the river near Muladja community, 20 kilometres east of Fitzroy Crossing.

DFESThe fire is approaching the community.

DFES says people there need to either evacuate or be ready to defend their homes.

You can read DFES’ notice here:

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Caves reveal ancient climate records

Caves in the east and west Kimberley have revealed ancient records of droughts and flooding rains.

Scientists have analysed stalagmites from Ball Gown Cave, near Winjana Gorge, and another cave 40 kilometres north of Kununurra.

As a result they now have climate records from the last 41,000 years for tropical Australia.

Science Network [read this story]

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Gogo: Bushfire watch and act

A bushfire is burning at Gogo station in the  Fitzroy Valley.

DFESDFES has issued a bushfire WATCH AND ACT for people in Bayulu and Gillarong communties.

You can read the statement here:

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