Fitzroy Valley

Unique serrated spear points first made 1,000 years ago

Serrated spear heads called “Kimberley points” first appeared just 1,000 years ago, scientists say.

They were made somewhere in the central south Kimberley, perhaps by a select few craftsmen.

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Ord and Fitzroy Rivers: Fish benefit from natural flooding

Scientists say artificial flooding does not have the same ecological benefits as natural flooding.

They have studied the Fitzroy and Ord Rivers as part of a study of Australian natural and artificial flooding regimes.

They say natural flooding at the Fitzroy allows, for example, fish to feed on the floodplains and gain weight.

However water at the Ord River region stays within channels cut-off from the floodplain, and flooding is at the wrong time of the year to have the same benefits as natural flooding.

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ORIC gives Marra Worra Worra the all clear


The Canberra department that oversees all Aboriginal corporations has given Fitzroy Crossing organisation Marra Worra Worra the all clear to continue its work across the Kimberley.

ORIC, the Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations, told ABC radio that Marra Worra Worra had complied with all requests relating to a transaction between Broome-based service provider KRSP and Marra Worra Worra that caused some confusion earlier this year. more »

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Central Kimberley rock art from the colonial period

Central Kimberley rock art changed dramatically when Aborigines started working on stations.

The subject matter is also very different to Pilbara rock art from the same period.

Two archaeologists have been working with local Aboriginal identities to document and explain the art.

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Anne Poelina on Fitzroy Valley coal mining

Dr Anne Poelina opposes a proposal to mine brown coal in the Fitzroy Valley.

Anne Poelina

Anne Poelina

“In reading the environmental assessment of this coal mine produced by Rey Resources, I have found fatal flaws in the document,” she said.

“There is inadequate baseline data to make assumptions about impacts of the mine and a lack of evidence to substantiate claims.”

You can read Rey Rescources submission here:

Rey Resources [go to website]

You can watch a video submission by traditional owners here:

Vimeo [go to website]

You can read Dr Poelina’s statement here:

more »

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Windjana Gorge: Burning completed for Easter

Parks and Wildlife has completed prescribed burning at Windjana Gorge national park, in time for the Easter holidays.

You can read a media release here: more »

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Oldest sharpened stone tools found

Scientists say they have found evidence of the world’s oldest sharpened stone tools in the Kimberley.

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Yiyili: School kids to butchers and baristas

Yiyili community school kids have been given special food and beverage lessons.

In one series of lessons they selected a beast, slaughtered and butchered it and then learned how the various cuts could be cooked.

In another lesson they learned to be baristas,  using a commercial coffee machine which they now used to provide expresso to cyclists on the Gibb River challenge.

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