Cone Bay: New aquaculture zone

Fisheries minister Ken Baston says the government has declared a new aquaculture zone at Cone Bay.

Ken BastonHe said people wanting to start new fish farms in the 2,000 hectare zone will not need to see environmental approvals as they have already been granted.

You can read his statement here:

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Kalumburu: Missing people located

Three Kalumburu newcomers were located on Carronade island after they were lost for 24 hours.

The store manager and a New Zealand couple had been on a fishing trip in rough weather conditions.

Police say they did not tell anyone where they planned to go.

A plane located them early this morning.

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Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014 Police and courts Comments Off

Thangoo: Three men stranded overnight

Three men on a fishing trip spent a night stranded at Jack’s creek after their dinghy capsized.

They had to wade one kilometre through waist-deep water to get to shore at Jack’s Creek, near Eco Beach resort.

A rescue plane from Darwin helped locate them.

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Lake Argyle: 200,000 barramundi released

Breeders have released 200,000 more barramundi fingerlings at Lake Argyle.



They are bred in Broome from Ord River stock.

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King Sound: Two men in boat rescued

Two men called for help when a storm blue their boat more than 90 kilometres from Derby yesterday.

They were found after midnight and taken to Koolan Island.

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Fitzroy River crocodile incidents

People fishing on the Fitzroy River had two separate encounters with crocodiles last week.

Courtesy DEC

Courtesy DEC

A woman caught a small crocodile on a hand line near Looma, and was pulling it in when a larger croc lunged at her.

Another croc took a pet dog on Saturday.

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Tuesday, April 1st, 2014 Environment Comments Off

Disease survey for catfish

Scientists are about to start studying wild catfish across northern Australia to see if they have an imported disease.

The bacterium Edwardsiella ictaluri, sometimes found in aquarium fish, could be spread if people release unwanted fish into local rivers and creeks.

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Sunday, March 9th, 2014 Environment Comments Off

Quondong Beach: Fins hacked off shark

A hammerhead shark has been found at Quondong Beach, north of Broome, with its fins removed.

A representative of the local fishing club said this practice is not illegal, but recreational fishers have no respect for those who do it.

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Thursday, March 6th, 2014 Broome, Environment Comments Off
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