Ord and Fitzroy Rivers: Fish benefit from natural flooding

Scientists say artificial flooding does not have the same ecological benefits as natural flooding.

They have studied the Fitzroy and Ord Rivers as part of a study of Australian natural and artificial flooding regimes.

They say natural flooding at the Fitzroy allows, for example, fish to feed on the floodplains and gain weight.

However water at the Ord River region stays within channels cut-off from the floodplain, and flooding is at the wrong time of the year to have the same benefits as natural flooding.

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Lake Kununurra: Dead fish found

Residents say they found large numbers of dead fish at Lake Kununurra earlier this month.

The Water Corporation had lowered the lake’s level by 55 per cent to carry out annual maintenance and repair work.

Work finished a day ahead of schedule, and the lake was full again last Monday.

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Freshwater fish ‘endangered’ says scientist

A scientist is concerned that many Kimberley freshwater fish could become extinct.

Mathew Le Feuvre said very little is known about the 18 species of rare fish found only in Kimberley river systems, and none of them are on the “threatened species” list.

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Broome: Fish supply fears allayed

Seafood suppliers have been quick to hose down talk of a fish shortage in Broome.

Their comments come after fishing industry bodies said cancellation of two commercial gill net licenses based in Broome would compromise supply in the town.

Suppliers say they are able to source fish from other Kimberley fisheries and aquaculture ventures.

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New ap to report marine pests

The Fisheries department is asking the public to report possible marine pests.

A new ap that can be installed on smartphones and tablet computers enables users to upload photographs of suspected exotic marine pests.

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Porcupine fish

Porcupine Fish

Porcupine Fish - photo by Peter Strain

A porcupine fish from wildlife photographer Peter Strain’s exhibition – opening in Fremantle later this month.

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Sunday, May 1st, 2011 Environment 221 Comments
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