Anne Poelina on Fitzroy Valley coal mining

Dr Anne Poelina opposes a proposal to mine brown coal in the Fitzroy Valley.

Anne Poelina

Anne Poelina

“In reading the environmental assessment of this coal mine produced by Rey Resources, I have found fatal flaws in the document,” she said.

“There is inadequate baseline data to make assumptions about impacts of the mine and a lack of evidence to substantiate claims.”

You can read Rey Rescources submission here:

Rey Resources [go to website]

You can watch a video submission by traditional owners here:

Vimeo [go to website]

You can read Dr Poelina’s statement here:

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Scott Ludlam on fracking

Greens Senator Scott Ludlam says farmers and station owners should have the right to veto fracking on their land.

Scott Ludlam

Scott Ludlam

“Farmers must be given the legal right to say no to coal and gas mining which threatens their land and water, rather than be forced to negotiate merely the price of entry with big coal and gas companies,” he said.

“The Greens’ legislation will be a test for the Abbott Government, especially the Nationals MPs, on where they really stand on food security and the longevity of our rural communities.”

You can read his statement here:

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The Wilderness Society on a proposed coal mine

The Wilderness Society has issued a statement condemning a coal mine proposal for the lower Fitzroy Valley.

The Wilderness Society“Carrying the coal from the proposed mine to port would be a road transport nightmare, with 50-80 monster road trains every day trying to navigate a 175km stretch of the flood-prone Great Northern Highway, a popular tourist route and the lifeline for local communities in the Fitzroy valley,” the statement says.

“The heavy monsoon rains of the Kimberley make the proposed mine a potential disaster, with a high risk of toxic heavy metals and acid mine drainage leaching into the groundwater and the unspoiled Fitzroy River.”

You can read the statement here:

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Wilderness Society to take on big business

The Wilderness Society is planning a legal campaign against Australia’s fossil fuel industry.

The group intends to litigate against companies that contribute to climate change, and impact the natural environment and community health.

It is also advocating legislative reforms.

WAToday [read this story]

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Fitzroy Valley: Coal project changes hands

Rey Resources has sold its Duchess Paradise mine to Hong-Kong based Chrystal Yield.

Rey is said to have lost about half a million dollars on the deal.

A spokesman said the company intends to develop its Canning Basin oil and gas leases.

ABC [read this story]

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Opinion: Robin Chapple on Horizontal Falls

Greens MP Robin Chapple calls on the government to revoke mining tenements in a newly-proclaimed national park.

Robin Chapple MLC

Robin Chapple MLC

“If the Premier is serious about conservation at the Horizontal Falls he needs to ensure there is no mining or exploration in the area that might damage what he has referred to as the ‘pristine environment that surrounds them’,” Mr Chapple said.

You can read his media release here:

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Canning Basin: Heritage agreement for coal mining

Photo: Proactive Investors

Photo: Proactive Investors

A thermal coal company has made a heritage agreement with Mangala-Nyikina traditional owners.

Proactive Investors says Stratum Metals has a thermal coal project less than 20km from another owned by well-known Rey Resources.

Proactive Investors [read this story]

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Monday, January 23rd, 2012 Aboriginal, Business and finance Comments Off

Coal mine ‘will not harm heritage values’

Dr Anne Poelina says the proposed Kimberley coal mine owners should prove it will not harm heritage values.

Rey Resources says its proposed coal mine, in the lower Fitzroy Valley near Derby, is outside the boundary of the new West Kimberley heritage listed area.

ABC [read this story]

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Tuesday, September 6th, 2011 Aboriginal, Business and finance, Derby, Environment Comments Off
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