Winjanna Gorge: Survey nets plenty of crocs

Bunuba Rangers and wildlife officers have caught and released about half the freshwater crocs in two dry-season pools.

Freshie at Lake Argyle (not visited by Joe)

Freshwater crocodile

They took measurements and genetic samples in a bid to learn more about the crocodiles before cane toads arrive.

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Jandamarra at Sydney Opera House

A new choral work about Bunuba resistance leader Jandamarra will be performed at Sydney Opera House next year.

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Bunuba claim takes 16 years

Six of the eight original Bunuba native title claimants has died since they applied to register their claim.

The process has taken 16 years.

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Fitzroy Valley: Bunuba native title win

The Bunuba people have won a native title determination to much of their former tribal land.

The Federal Court held an “on country” sitting at Geike Gorge in the central Kimberley yesterday.

As a result, Bunuba native title now exists over  a large area including Fairfield and Leopold stations, Geike Gorge and parts of Fitzroy Crossing.

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Call for Bunuba native title settlement

Joe RossA Bunuba spokesman is calling on the state government to negotiate a single native-title agreement.

“The recognition of our native title has the potential to reform the outmoded land tenure system over our country and unlock the capacity of our people and country to deliver sustainable prosperity,” Joe Ross said.

You can read his statement on behalf of senior Bunuba leaders here:

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