Mount House: Move to conserve fairy wren

An ornamental plant from the old homestead garden has invaded the river at Mt House.

Ngarinjin Rangers have been working to eradicate it, and help preserve the purple crowned fairy wren.

Science Network [read this story]

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Shorebirds on the net

An organisation called BirdLife Australia invites you to follow the flight of several shorebird species.

According to the website, more than five million shorebirds are leaving Australia for the Arctic summer.

Farewell Shorebirds [go to website]

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Purple wren needs more protection

Scientists say an endangered bird species needs more protection.

The purple-crowned fairy wren needs to live in vegetation along creeks and rivers, and cattle destroy this vegetation.

The scientists are calling for more fenced-off areas along the Fitzroy, Durack, Drysdale, Isdell and Pentecost catchments.

Science Network [read this story] and another story [here].

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Study of Roebuck Bay birds’ menu

Dutch scientists say Roebuck Bay needs a permanent Australian researcher to study invertebrates.

The bay is an important feeding ground for migrating shorebirds.

They spend the northern winter there gaining weight and body condition before returning to China and Siberia.

Tanya Compton and Mark Lavaleye have been sampling the things they eat, as part of a larger study of migrating shorebirds.

The researchers say the numbers of these mud-dwelling creatures, such as molluscs and worms, has changed dramatically from year to year.

They say an Australian scientist taking regular samples would help understanding of the bay’s ecology, as they cannot afford to visit every year.

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Eagle steals video camera

An eagle stole a video camera at Margaret River and took it to Mary River, 110 kilometres away.

Goonyandi rangers had set the camera up to film freshwater crododiles.

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China development threatens Roebuck Bay birds

Shorebirds are arriving at Roebuck Bay from their feeding ground in China.

The Australian says industrial and urban development at their stopping place is threatening the birds.

The Australian [read this story]


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Roebuck Bay: Birds prepare for 10,000 km flight

A small bird has flown for 10,000 kilometres to arrive at Roebuck Bay and Eighty Mile Beach.

The red knot will stay for several months to feed.

When it has built up sufficient body condition it will fly to Bohai Bay in China, then on to Siberia to breed.

Science Network [read this story]

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Mornington: Wrens used as healthy land indicators

A scientist says the presence of various wren species is a good measure of how well the environment is being managed.

She gave the example of purple-crowned fairy-wrens, which were in decline at Mornington Station.

Since the vegetation near creeks and rivers has been protected from cattle and fires, this bird’s numbers have increased.

Science Network [read this story]

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