Bardi Jawi

New boat for Bardi Jawi Rangers

Bardi Jawi Rangers have a new 80-metre launch they intend to use for rescue operations.

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Dampier Peninsula: Rangers’ sea rescue training.

Police are training Bardi Jawi and the Nyul Nyul rangers in sea rescue techniques.

They are due to receive a $300,000 rescue boat next month.

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Dampier Peninsula: Fire threatens vine thickets

Bardi-Jawi ranger Chris Sampi says fire is threatening monsoon vine thickets.

He said traditional Aboriginal practices prevented the thickets from bushfire.

New research shows hot fires are burning about 74 percent of Dampier Peninsula vine thickets every 1 – 3 years.

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Dampier Peninsula: Protection for vine thickets

Indigenous rangers are working with scientists to protect the Dampier Peninsula’s monsoon vine thickets.

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Dampier Peninsula: Rare finches still breeding

A Gouldian finch - courtesy Wikimedia

A Gouldian finch - courtesy Wikimedia

Indigenous rangers have confirmed Gouldian Finches are still present and breeding on the Dampier Peninsula.

The rangers observed the birds while carrying out weed control on monsoon vine thickets.

You can read a statement from Environs Kimberley, The World Wildlife Fund, Kimberley Land Council and the Bardi Jawi Rangers here:

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Dampier Peninsula: Bardi-Jawi Rangers win award

Planning Minister John Day recognised the Bardi Jawi Rangers at an awards ceremony last night.

Bardi Jawi Rangers won the Indigenous Coastal Achievement Award for their Bardi Jawi Cultural Experience project.

You can read a media release here:

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