Ord Valley: Chinese propose sorghum crop

The Chinese developers of Ord Stage II farmland propose to grow sorghum before they grow sugar.

The company Australian Agricultural Investment says sorghum is used to produce an Asian alcoholic drink called Baijiu.

A spokesman said the same cropping, harvesting and processing equipment can be used for sugar, once it becomes viable.

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Ord Stage II: Cropping delayed

Sugar will not be grown in the new Ord agricultural lands this year.

The Chinese company developing is negotiating with the government to begin planting next year.

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Ord River growers return to bananas

Two Ord River growers have ripped out grapefruit trees and returned to planting bananas.

Most farmers stopped growing bananas about 10 years ago.

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Ord Stage II: Premier to meet Chinese business leader

Premier Colin Barnett is due to meet the chairman of the Chinese corporation developing Ord Stage II.

He is on a three-day visit to China.

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Research needed for mango disease

Mangoes have been suffering from a disease called resin canal, which affects sales.

Photo: Fir0002/Flagstaffotos

Photo: Fir0002/Flagstaffotos

Research is urgently needed.

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Grapefruit season started

Growers are starting to pick grapefruit, two weeks earlier than the last two seasons.

They are fetching about $2.50 per kilo wholesale, which one grower says is more than double the break-even price.

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Faulty pipes found in new Ord irrigation works

Inspectors say some of the pipes installed for Ord Stage II are faulty and must be replaced.

The Chinese company that is developing the land says this is not expected to delay the project schedule.

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Stations could grow more hay says CSIRO

The CSIRO says northern cattle stations could grow up to 120,000 hectares of irrigated fodder crops for their own animals.

Four Kimberley stations are now producing their own hay.

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