Berni & Janice O’Keefe

We just had a message from Janice and Berni O’Keefe, who are doing a lap of the Kimberley before going back to their teaching jobs at Beagle Bay:

Thought I would let you know, as may be useful if you are interested in detailing road conditions, but the road into the Wolfe Creek Crater was THE worst!!  We took the 2 vehicles in and after about 30+kms, stopped and had a discussion and we turned back around and went out.  The road is so stony and rocky.  We have travelled on roads with patches of stones and when you are aware of these you travel carefully to avoid the risk of course of fracturing your tyre, but this road was just not worth the attempt, was continuously stony.  Who knows, it could’ve changed just around the corner, but after that many kms in and being like that all the way, we decided wasn’t worth it.  And of course this now changes our own perspective on the Tanami Track as we were going to travel that come end of December working our way home to Victoria, but won’t be doing that either……back to taking the long way round.

However, the Bungles were good. Had heard varying reports that you would be very lucky if it took you 1.5hrs, but more likely up to 3hrs to make your way in on that 53km road…..took us 2 hrs.  Was a LONG and HOT day, but well worth the effort.
Thanks for your stories, hope you find another one in Halls Creek.

Kind regards, Janice & Berni

These are strong words coming from Berni and Janice, who live about 120 km up the Cape Leveque Road. Although I have not been there since 1984 I always thought of it as the worst, most dangerous road I have ever driven.
1 October 2009

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