A page about Kimberley people, and people who have made an impact in our region.

These people mostly live in Wyndham, Kununurra, Halls Creek, Fitzroy Crossing, Derby, Broome and outlying communities.

Editor’s note:

The People page is so popular now it has more entries than we can cope with on this page – so we will be putting all future People stories on the front page, with the hard news.

-Geoff Vivian


Old stories

Allen Starkey

Annette Kogolo

Bel Skinner

Berni O’Keefe

Carl Merrison

Clinton Cox

Doreen Green

Gail Boland

Gavin Sibley

Gerry Wilson

Helen O’Malley

Jamie McCormack

James Elliott

James Fletcher

Janice O’Keefe

Jeannette Swan

Jim Craig

John Lewis

Kathleen Cox

Kim Hands

Kyle Cameron

Leon Burchill

Lesley Boddington

Lynnette Craig

Lulu Trancolino

Mark Bin Bakar

Mark Rea

Mary G

Michelle Martin

Peter Knight

Riani Cox

Rick Kauffmann

Roy Wilson

Sheryl Wilson

Siobhan Casson

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If you would like to be featured on this page – or if there is a friend of yours you would like us to recognise – contact or join our facebook group.

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