Mary G – 7 March 2011


Mary G

Mark Bin Bakar
Mark Bin Bakar

by Mark Bin Bakar

Born out of radio, hailing from royalty of the Kimberley, a little dark secret was unleashed onto the Australian Entertainment scene. Starting in community radio back in 1992 as a volunteer, Mary G was very concerned about the standard and quality of Marks show and in fact stated that it was boring, so she  decided to invite herself into the studio on a lonely dark Wednesday night. Mary G raised the ratings of the Gedarrdyu show by appearing unexpectedly with Mark Bin Bakar. Mark was sadly terminated and assigned to be the producer of the Mary G radio show, and that’s where he has remained ever since.  Mary was an instant hit and she knew it.  She grew from local radio in Broome to a network that continues today on the National Indigenous Radio Service NIRS.

Mary had something to say from day one. She is passionate about her people, the Indigenous People of Australia, and the state of national affairs that affected her people. She was also concerned about the unreconciled history that Australia has to embark on in true spirit of reconciliation, being inclusive with its true history along with the so called white side of history. Mary felt Australia’s big failure was to own our history warts and all – and that it was being buried in shame rather than educating, teaching and acknowledging the suffering of our people in the building of this nation. Mary loves her country, warts and all, she is inclusive with everyone and she wishes that the politicians etc just bite the bullet and take the country into a greater place of harmony, unity and love. This is what Mary G stands for.

She then delved into TV due to popular demand and commenced making TV commercials which all had very high success rates for those who commissioned her talents. A natural progression was for her to have her own TV show which was conceived by Mark. Mary completed two lots of TV series for SBSTV with very popular acclaim. But she felt that she can reach even closer to her fans and people by establishing her own live show with band and at times even solo and with Marks song writing skills she also embarked on creating her own live cabaret show, concert capacity and sharing songs, words of wisdom and wit and humour to travel the length and breadth of Australia entertaining, educating and stimulating conversations about the state of our country and the relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

She has two albums out “whaddayow” and “Pardon my Passion” as well as T-Shirts and caps. Mary is known as the big feed who I may add is also forever in search for that perfect man. Mary G has won numerous awards for her great work within the community and loves travelling and going to isolated communities doing concerts, workshops, Social and Emotional Wellbeing activities assisting in healing her people and her nation.

She is the only Kimberley Queen who is a living monument to the amazing wealth and beauty of the Kimberley that she says is under her royal crown. The Kimberley is very fortunate to have its very own matriarch and she is very clear who she is. We are very much richer for having Mary G reigning in the Kimberley but fast being embraced by the nation.

Further information, bookings or purchase of products is available via her website or also you can purchase products through Chunes of Broome and other participating outlets.

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