This information is supplied courtesy of local funeral directors, and family members of the deceased. Please let us know of any coming funerals we do not know about.

Many Kimberley people still follow the Aboriginal custom of not directly mentioning the names of family members who have passed away, so as a mark of respect for their feelings we do not always publish the full names of the deceased.

However to avoid confusion we publish the names as supplied.

We trust you will be tactful if you are reading these details to people in mourning.


Roe, J


The Funeral for Mr Roe will take place on 21 March 2014


A funeral booklet is being developed by those close to him. If you did not yet submit a tribute to Mr Roe and would like to, if they are forwarded to Bernie by next Wednesday (12/3) they will be included in the funeral booklet.


Also the family are seeking high res photos of Mr Roe, preferably of him interacting with other people rather than solo portraits.


The address to send this material to is:


And on another matter, LAST CHANCE to submit material for the archives. What we have (already 3,000+ items, all electronic) will be sent to the Battye Library Perth by March 24th.





on behalf of the Broome Community No Gas Campaign





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