Frankie Shovellor – 31 January 2011

Frankie Shovellor

Mark Bin Bakar
Mark Bin Bakar

by Mark Bin Bakar

Frankie Shovellor is a legend in the Kimberley.

He was the first Kimberley Aboriginal artist to record a complete album.

This album, recorded 30 years ago, was titled Nulungu Songs and featured the hit song “Music Man”. This song describes him so well. His influence has been passed on to many musicians who went on to record and play at major festivals in the Kimberley up to today.

Frankie shifted from Broome to Halls Creek many years ago with his wife and commenced teaching children in Halls Creek. He had the Kitjanjaru Band and then formed the Family Shovellor Band since moving back to Bidyadanga. He now runs the band with his two sons as musicians and his daughters making special appearances.

He just recently recorded a new album in Perth and The Family Shovellor Band is willing to travel anywhere in the country. He loves touring and can be caught generally at Port Smith performing to tourists.

Today Frank’s younger Bro Mervyn Mulardy also has his own band Yatangal and also his nephews have their own band The Sea Side Drifters. This is the result of his teachings and creating opportunities for many young musicians over the years and he should be recognised for his contribution.

Frank Shovellor is an acclaimed song writer and featured on various videos and tv shows including the one “Me and You” about his relationship with his daughter and their music together.

Frank Shovellor has been a Kimberley Icon for a very long time.

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