Footprince – 28 February 2011

by Mark Bin Bakar Footprince was a popular rock reggae band who travelled extensively throughout Australia performing in Sydney, Darwin, Perth, Brisbane,Adelaide. Tasmania, Melbourne, most Aboriginal communities, and the Pacific Arts Festival in Western Samoa. The band took its name from the Dinosaur Footprints in Broome and also a subtle message about man being the prince of his own destiny. Footprince made its name and achieved high status as support to Sir Bob Geldorf. The band had many line-ups over the years since its formation being made up as a backing band for Mark Bin Bakar for the first Kyana Festival in Perth. The members then were Mark Bin Bakar, Bob Wright, Anthony Bin Sali, John Albert and Guy Ghouse. It featured over the years also Arnhem Hunter, Simon MacDonald, Hayden Howard, but the recording line-up of Footprince and the most travelled line-up was Mark Bin Bakar, Bob Wright, Lindsay Cox, Donald Bugsy McKenzie and Allah Howard. It’s this line-up that gave the band its very high profile, travel opportunities and credibility as a hard working Kimberley Band. They recorded one album titled “You better run” which was very popular like their live shows. The great vocals and song writing of Mark Bin Bakar, Bob Wright and Lindsay Cox including the great harmonies also attracted state TV appearances and festival attractions. The band was a great inspiration to many Kimberley artists and even today since the band stopped performing many bands continue to cover songs by Footprince. The big loss of main man lead guitarist/vocalist and Kimberley Legend the late Lindsay Cox was a big set back to the band and so close to preparing for a 2nd album. The Kimberley had lost a great band and a great musician in Lindsay, who still carry the title of the fastest guitarist in Broome. The band, like Scrap Metal and Pigram Brothers, was successful in owning its own production sound and lighting including transport which enabled the band to travel throughout the country totally autonomous to everyone else. This in the rock industry is a big achievement, as the business principles of band management was intricate in the success of the band. Paul Watling was a very strong influence on the financial and management successes of the band along with Foot prince’s very own front of house man Andrew Carter and his team of roadies who made the machine of a professional working band, run smooth. We were once very rich to have Foot prince, but sadly, through time, we lost one of the Kimberley’s strong icons to time. But they left a legacy for others to aspire to and continue to carry the flag of a hard working band. Footprince lifespan was from 1991 to 1998, there is a rumour that a possible memorial reformation of sorts and the planned second album could be released sometime in the future. Stay tuned to Kimberley page for further updates.

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