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Beagle Bay: Store burned down

Beagle Bay’s only store has burned down.

DFESThere are no supplies available.

You can read DFES’ statement here:

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New methods to detect toxic mine water seepage

Researchers say they have found a reliable new way of predicting whether water seeping from a mine into a creek is toxic.

After studying an east Kimberley nickel mine they say toxins only seem to affect animals in the creek in the late dry and early wet seasons.

This, they say, is easily predicted by seeing how readily the water samples conduct electricity.

Science Network [read this story]

This appears to be good news as it is much easier to control the flow of water at these times.

There was no legal requirement to conduct this research.

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New Aboriginal waterfront company

Former KLC leader Wayne Bergmann is managing director of a new Aboriginal maritime services company.

Aboriginal Maritime Pty Ltd is competing with union labour for various waterfront and other marine contracts in the oil and gas industry.

The Australian [read this story]

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Cone Bay: New aquaculture zone

Fisheries minister Ken Baston says the government has declared a new aquaculture zone at Cone Bay.

Ken BastonHe said people wanting to start new fish farms in the 2,000 hectare zone will not need to see environmental approvals as they have already been granted.

You can read his statement here:

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Browse Basin: New gas condensate find

Santos has found gas condensate at its Lasseter-1 well, in the Browse Basin.

Proactive Investors [read this story]

This follows Apache Corporation’s discovery of oil in the offshore portion of the Canning Basin, said to be Australia’s biggest oil discovery in 30 years.

Sydney Morning Herald [read this story]


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Canning Basin: Massive oil find

Apache Energy has discovered a new oilfield in the offshore part of the Canning Basin.

The company was exploring for gas, but instead found light crude oil.

Some industry players say it could be Australia’s biggest oil discovery in 30 years.

WA Today [read this story]


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Halls Creek: EPA approves rare earth mine

The Environmental Protection Agency has approved a rare earths mine at Browns Range, 160 kilometres southeast of Halls Creek.

WAToday [read this story]


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Robin Chapple on abandoned uranium project

Areva Resources has abandoned its North Canning uranium project near Derby.

The West Australian [read this story]

Robin Chapple MLC

Robin Chapple MLC

Robin Chapple MLC is asking whether it received Royalties for Regions funding, and if so, whether the money was spent.

“I am gobsmacked at the constant allocations of funding being poured into the pockets of those already at the very top of the super-rich mining pyramid,” Mr Chapple said.

“It’s obvious that the State is struggling to provide affordable housing, energy infrastructure, good public transport options, community and health services, let alone take care of our fragile environment.”

You can read his statement here:

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