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Opinion: Ken McLeod on the Australian Vaccination Lobby

Ken McLeod

Ken McLeod

A spokesperson for a group called Stop the Australian Vaccination Network responded to Barry Haase’s latest opinon piece.

“Barry Haase deserves congratulations for his opinion article on children’s immunisation,” said Ken McLeod.

You can read his statement here:


Barry Haase deserves congratulations for his opinion article on children’s immunisation today in the “Kimberley Page.” Never were truer words spoken.  Vaccination has seen many of the terrible diseases that I saw in my childhood disappear, but the anti-vaccine lobby group the “Australian Vaccination Network,” AVN, would set your community back 60 years if they had their way.

This same AVN is the subject of a Public Warning issued by the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission, warning us of the deceptions used by the AVN to denigrate vaccines.  The AVN’s charity licence was cancelled by the NSW government after a government investigation detected widespread financial “irregularities” over many years.

The AVN claims to be a pro-choice group. It is, in fact, an organisation that is entirely dedicated to dissuade the public from vaccinations through the use of selective quoting of scientific data, misrepresentation and fabricated evidence.  The AVN has been condemned by public health authorities, doctors, nurses, and scientists.   On 27 November, Australian Medical Association WA president Dave Mountain said the group was trying to whip up anti-vaccine hysteria. “They are zealots who pick and choose bits of information to make it look like they’re presenting real evidence,” he said  in the West Australian.

Every parent should  obtain unbiased, accurate advice from reputable medical sources. The Australian Vaccination Network is no such source.

The mystery here is why the  Geraldton Council is providing ratepayers facilities, the QEII Centre,  to an organisation dedicated to reducing immunisation rates.  Surely that is a disgrace.   Would the Council rent the Centre to the Ku Klux Klan?  Of course not; so why rent the Centre to an organisation dedicated to reducing vaccination rates and bringing back those dreadful diseases?

Ken McLeod



Australian Dept of Health’s Immunise Australian program at

Health Care Complaints Commission Public Warning at–AVN-/default.aspx

NSW Government Investigation Report

Wikipedia on the AVN at


“Ken McLeod is a retired national manager of Search And Rescue, and Australian delegate on several United Nations committees on Search And Rescue.  Following his retirement he worked as a researcher in the Senate for 3 years before moving to the NSW South Coast and becoming involved in the Australian Skeptics.  He is joint winner of the 2010 “Australian Skeptic of the Year” Award and the Australian Skeptics’  “Thornett Award for the Promotion of Reason”, 2010.

Through his involvement in the Australian Skeptics he became interested in the anti-vaccination movement.  He has studied the strange trouble with the truth that the anti-vaccination movement has, and has published several articles in the “Australian Skeptic” magazine.”

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