Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Broome: Japanese cemetary desecrated

by Geoff Vivian


The Broome Japanese cemetary has been vandalised, says councillor Chris Maher.

“There were headstones pushed over,” he said.

“Later on the same day there were some dolphin-related posters hung up in the cemetary.”

(Other reports say pictures of dolphins were attached to headstones.)

As one of the key players in the Shire decision to censure Taiji dolphin killers, councillor Maher said he is disgusted at the racist treatment of Japanese people in Broome.

“People need to loudly value the Japanese community and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them because it’s not anyone in this town’s fault,” he said, referring to the slaughter of dolphins in Broome’s sister-town Taiji.

“They deserve every respect, the Japanese people, because they built the bloody town.”

Several Broome people of Asian descent have complained of racist treatment since the showing of the film The Cove, a documentary about the Taiji dolphin kill.

Broome Shire voted to not “fulfill the obligations” of the relationship with their sister town Taiji last Saturday.

Earlier this year a Chinese restaurant had anti-gas hub slogans painted on its fence in Hammersley St.

It has been operated by the same family on the same site for many decades.

Mr Maher invites members of the social utility facebook to write messages of support for Broome’s Japanese community.

“Let’s create an avalanche of love & good will, so that our Japanese community can be left with no doubt as to how deeply everyone treasures them,” he said.

Photo Colin & Linda McKie reproduced by permission, Wikimedia.


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